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Yoga Partout et Satoshi.Yoga
Here is our vcf signature so that you know who and where we are. You can find us at the following adresses

936 avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Deuxième étage
Montréal, QC
H2J 1X2
6300 Avenue Auteuil
Bureau 505
Brossard, QC
J4Z 3P2

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There has been too many people that helped us since 2008 to name them all. Therefore, we use our french yoga gmail account to gather communications among ourselves. Please be patient, someone will get back to you. If not, try one of these email addresses that are geographically created

Reach us at head office in Montreal, Canada yogapartout -at- satoshi.yoga

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  • At the moment of updating this page, only our french newsletter is avaialble. Yet, we have a general page named Infoletter list (presently in french and developing the english version) so that you can see which of the newsletters you want to receive.

For general enquiryuse this email address first

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