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We are not a "multinational with unlimited ressources. This web site is managed by volunteers. We do not have a full time attorney as our member's contract has been made by ourselves.

You can find our legal corporation administrative rules via the 'registre des entreprises du Québec'. Look for: yogapartout-satoshi.yoga. All our coordinates show up there. If you can donate to our group, please make your cheque or money order or whichever currency you use to the attention of: yogapartout-satoshi.yoga

If you want to become a member with voting power and you hesitate, here is our co-founder's WhatsApp number. We're in Eastern Standard Time.

Our administrative rules are available for consultation upon request via this url: https:satoshi.yoga/Enquiry If you don't get an answere within a reasonable time, here are some email address where to write to:

  • We help each others if you need help, we expect you will help us too
  • We help you become more confident in life
  • If you need help to learn "how-to’s" and receive advices, this is our cup of tea
  • We learned from experience and so can you

Most information on this web site is for educational purposes and should not be taken as prescriptive direction. If you need additional help, I highly recommend reaching out to an attorney, certified public accountant, financial advisor, or business advisor to help advise you on your specific journey or hire us if you want to get things done faster.
Our administrative rules have not yet been transalated. If you want to help, here is an important step to consider where you can help.

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