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  • Tks to Eric Weistreich for his wisdom about the Governance Tips and tricks of the trade that he kindly shares


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  • Here is what Eric Weistreich says about the web 3.0 and it's importance of being part of a Governance group.

The future

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.”

–Forrest Gump.
This classic movie that captured all our hearts can apply to so many situations, including what future is held for this community. This is why we invite you to declare your interest in joining one of the groups we grant access to. Here is the updated list AFAWK

This is where it all starts: Here is a screen capture of our current groups

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Here are hyperlinks that you can copy and paste on your own 'Web Space' so that you can invite your friends and partners to propose topics and themes for our next UnConference

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You can use these visuels to promote your participation as we need your help to shape the success of this e-event.

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