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Support Satoshi's Yoga Alliance call for help.

The YA will choose a member among all and grant public relations exposure via its newsletter and we wish they choose us.

Why us?

We're preparing a Conference we're preparing via this english web site: https://satoshi.yoga

Here is our 'pitch'

This is the original application. Enjoy.

Q: The most meaningful part of my Yoga Alliance membership has been...
A: The online community I launched in 2008 has grown so much that I had to 'abandon ship' so that I could launch a new one... in English.
Q: Tell us about yourself! You may include any background information that helps tell your story such as your passions, values, achievements, and personal experiences that helps to paint picture of who you are.
A:From the French web site I created back in 2009. It took me one year for figure out what I wanted after I completed my TTC. I started modestly by contacting the surrounding yoga school to see if they would hire me. Because I was working in the IT Corporate world, it was normal for me to gather geographic data about the surrounding schools where I could potentially teach. I owned, after all, the one thing I never had, a diploma of completed schooling. Disclosure: I am atypical, dyslexic, etc.

With an open source framework web design tool, I created my first 'serious' web site. The first web site I created was kind of funny, it showed my picture and as an animated gif of my navel with the title: The center of the universe is here ;-). Because I shopped for a long lasting open source solution to start my yoga school, I did not choose what the majority of my 'computer nerds' friends were choosing, I did not like the word press templates and its philosophy of 'tchat flaming' I could observe on their discussion groups. You see that my story is not about 'spiritual awakening'... yet because that 'spiritual awaking' every one is talking about took place with a 'spark of enlightenment' namely a Satori, when I was in my crib!

Therefore, instead of finding a yoga studio where I could join their faculty, I started to teach in gyms, fitness clubs, etc where I earned my first 500 teaching hours.

Fast forward 16 years later, I still teach to small groups. Once every two weeks I am back in the building that caugth fire who recently re-opened it's doors.

AND because, like the proverb says: One picture is worth a thousand words, I'll complete my 'story' via the next question 'Yoga in action looks like...' with some hyperlinks

Q: Yoga in action looks like...
A:Yoga in action, for me, means to share. I said earlier in 'my story' that I would share hyperlinks telling you about the community I manage... in FR and that I 'abandon the community I own' to launch an English version. Here bellow is what the small web site in FR I created back then has become a +700 French pages web site / wiki and Groupware space / with the following characeristics:

- Thousand of 'eyeballs' opening my newsletter
- I'm using and offering to other yoga teachers storage space. In fact, the FR yoga 'niche' is not in Canada, it is in France. Therefore I have one server located in Strasbourg, France, another one sitting in my best tech friend basement ten minutes away from home and a relay via a Montreal hosting service provider so that if I 'hit the jackpot' the servers will hold strong and healthy. I love big data, what can I say!
- I give advises for new yoga teachers looking for a place where to teach, etc.
- In short, my yoga is about giving back, I am helping yoga teachers around the world to get more exposure locally, nationally and around the world.

Here are some hyperlinks to support my case:

French splash screen back from the archive.org site, when I launched virtually in 2010. It took me two years to learn how to start a long lasting yoga community that is really international:


Fast forward in 2018 where I was back from teaching at a Yoga Festival and 'got a partnership' with the yoga magazine 'Le Journal du Yoga' so that I can reach french yoga schools here on my side of the Ocean:

There are so many stories I wrote helping yoga teachers with their experiences, obstacles, stories, I will continue by providing you more info via the question : Tell us about the community I serve later on.

Q: Tell us about the community you serve and why it’s so important.
A: There are so many stories I can share, here are some.

Example one:
The Lac-Mégantic rail disaster
It occurred on July 6, 2013, was a tragic event in which a freight train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, not too far from where I live.
In total, 47 people lost their lives in the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster.
Here is the French article:

Here is the translated version on the English side:

Example two:
My Yoga Alliance page:
It is with gratitude that I became a member of the YogaAlliance back then.
The English version is not completely translated AND that will give you an idea that you can call me a writer who's interest about yoga is international One day, I even got a phone call from levans at yogaalliance.org as I wanted to interview the 'then president of the YA' and she refered me to your publc relation firm in NY to tell me that it was not going to be possible to do such webcast.

In short, I realized 143 podcast interviews
I did these interviews and published them via the info letter I was writing in these countries:
- Canada, off course
- Morroco
- Belgium
- Switzerland
- India , off course (in french... I had to search a lot :-)
- France, a lot of the via the 'then partner' Le Journal du Yoga
- USA... one interview in Miami that can be found on my youtube chanel: https://youtube.com/yogapartout
I tried and I did not succeed yet
- Portugal
- Italy

On those two last interviews I did, I got yet another 'spiritual awakening' where I discovered that 'International Yoga Interviews requires patience. This is why I will continue answering via the next question: Advise to someone who’s thinking about starting their yoga journey?

Q: What would you say to someone who’s thinking about starting their yoga journey?
A: I say it to the yoga teachers: It took me ten years to become an instant success... be patient.

When I choose a yoga teacher for a webcast, I don't look at how many books she or he wrote or how many followers she or he has on his Facebook/insta account. I listen to her or his story.

As for me, I can proudly say that the french community needs to open up the the English community.

One of my wish is to interview Prashant Joshi and his wife, dear YogaAlliance Teachers to whom I sent a letter (yes, you know one of those things that you put a stamp to and it travels to its destination by airplane ;-) and he was willing to help me. Except that I got sick. You see, my health is fragile. I'm weak as I suffer from two morbid conditions, one of them is genetic AND with yoga, I learned to eat one bite at the time instead of chasing elephants.

I would also say to practice what you want to teach.
This is the url showing to other teachers what and where I teach:

The story when the building caught fire:
The picture wich needs translation:

My wish is to have some english yoga teacher participants so that I can present to the world that yoga (even in Canada where a political outburst occured between us and India) is still strong via the conference I am working on to host via this new English web site I am woring on, see:


To the new yoga persons, I give them the logo I created for this new web site I'm building so that they too can promote health and welfare, dignity and authenticity

I am unable to upload pictures from your Monday.com form

Daniel Gauthier


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