Welcome to our world, Welcome to the Else Conference


Welcome to our World, a realm in itself

We also titled this page The Else Conference. Therefore, this Space is for us to share.

The problem

Have you ever been invited to join a group that doesn't resonate with you?
Do you find this invitation different from the others?



With Great Responsability comes Great Power... Let's not create a bad reputation

This quote was flipped from Stan Lee's original sentence and the rest of that quote, the 'reputation' thought, a consequence, was inspired by many

So, please, join our community if you share our desire to create a better world where growth, sharing, and helping each other is paramount.

You are cordially invited to partake

Join us and share your story

Public speaking, especially when no one knows you, or what Quadratic Voting and Funding is all about can be daunting.

Simple but not easy

Furthermore, I invite you to join us to become the most exceptional guest we've ever had
Would you honor us by accepting our invitation?
If so, please start by introducing yourself

The purpose of this website

Satoshi.Yoga represents the fruition of an initiative that commenced in 2008, originally in French. Under the name YogaPartout, our French website is readily accessible to all. By intertwining this English content management system tailored to Web 3.0 with our exploration of the wellness realm encompassed by yoga, we've recognized the challenge of engendering trust and engaging newcomers within our community.

Hence, we encourage you to take the leap: Place your trust in us and our community. We're not merely newcomers; we boast a rich history. For further insight into our mission and vision, please visit our community website to become an actor instead of a visitor via this Join us, come to our show as a guest via this link
So, welcome aboard, and thank you for perusing our updates.

Tell us about yourself

To be sure, that it is OK for you to join our group, you need first to introduce yourself. Let us be the judge of it AND after you can decide if you want to stick around.

What is your story

What is your story (Register... enjoy :-).
If you do not see the form bellow, use this short url: https://forms.gle/LQ94Qf7cGVY2yvHw8

Envisioning Complexity

The UnConference we orchestrate thrives on the insights of our speakers, who generously contribute their wisdom with just a minimal investment. We kindly ask you to contribute some fiat currency as a token of appreciation.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Welcome to the realm of Web 3.0

Our conference speakers have already invested fiat currency to offer a 'Proof of Brain'.

Please consider doing the same

BTW, your not the only one we invited. We asked help to the Yoga Alliance so that we can do exactly what our sankalpa is all about: giving back

Secure your spot via our shopping 'Stripe Account'

We'd like to have you as a guest on our webcast show

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