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On the BlockChain sideSatoshidot Yoga

First, your not alone.

  • Go to our forum answers pretty much all your yoga questions. If you don't see the answer to your question-s, here is the email address where to reach us or simply complete the multi-functional form.
  • All of Patanjali sutra and Gîtadiscussions are for members only, so that alone is worth the trip
    • AND we help each other when it comes time to interpret the sutras we are interested in a specific topic.
  • sign up for membership, we're a non-profit organisation, yet, like every one else, we need to feed the beast.
  • Same goes for the Gîta. It's all accessible in a wiki space where you can say and have your word about why are the questions about who you are mean one thing for one person and something else for someone else.
  • Pretty much all styles are here. We have separate groups and publish the best content via our info letter
  • Our site fits your big screen and is fully functionnal for your mobile
  • Is becoming a member worth the take? Please say yes.
  • We help you build your own space, it is amazing what you can do via this plateform.
  • Many teachers help other to get certified
  • You can tell us who you really are via radio, TV interviews and have your own blog for referencing and converge
  • And off course, we provide social media services. We're publishing your events on our calendar so that your events, workshops and everything alike can be seen on the home page
  • Our image bank follows Creative Commons 4.0 licencing
  • And we organise events, so sing up and together we will make miracles :-)

On the YogaSide sideSatoshi dot Yoga

This site is brand new

Before, we use to publish only in French
Then, one day, a friend said: I teach all over the world and English is my space. Plus, he said: This is not a group web site, it is a one person operation... for profit. Is this a yoga web community? Three years later, we are now posting english content and we transformed ourselves into a non-profit organisation. Your invited to register because, like the old adage says: Together we can go far

On the Yoga side

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Our first citizen

Eric Westreich

Visit Eric's space on this web site and listen to this podcast on our BlockChain's Spotify

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Our four 'coup de coeur'

We're members of the Yoga Alliance

RTY200 allows us to be seen even if we hold the minimum. Yet, we're authentic so that you can check our founder's page

Beware, we were publishing in French and so is the founder's profile ;-)

Member of the Yoga Alliance

Seach our site and see how the translation goes

Here you can search among the entire site (well over 500 pages home made by humans)

Beware. We don't want to scare you up. We've been publishing in French since 2008 before.
The idea about this embedded search engine is to demonstrate the high elastic search system we use.

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