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Welcome to the Satoshi Yoga

If your looking for employment with us, your at the right place

First and foremost, you need to know that we will train you to accomplish your wildest dream. If you already have experienced in Information Technology, go to our JobBoard (in French for now) at this this url.
ELSE, so that you know, pretty much all our employees did an Employment Internship first, here, for a three monts period.

Employment Internship at Satoshi.Yoga is your entry door for your online career

Like we say in English: 'Let's get it done'

Open positions

Here are some options to explore and remember that the world wide web is a vast field of expertise and most likely, you do not have the qualifications to work for us. Except that we train our people. Our most important quality you will find at Satoshi.Yoga is patience and acceptance. The trust we build with you is the number one employement criteria you must earn from any employer who you will sollicit ever AND we will recommend you to another venue after your Internship is done.

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Even to answer an email, or two or one hundred requires experience. Here at Satoshi.Yoga, everyone does their own CSR work. If you have a personal project, that is the place where you will be able to unfold it.

Social Media (SEM)

Have a look at this plate before you think you can handle these layers of complexity. Usually, a good SEM person has completed an Engineer course at University Level

More about social media

Image ::

PHP Programmer

Yes we need this too. We don't use Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress, we're member or the Tiki.org family

Writer, editor

We open a blog for you. Off course, you need to send us a proposal before we accept you. The main criteria is that you touch spirituality topics, religion, phylosophy and all alikes except that your topic must not be new. Per example, if you come up with a 'crystal ball abracadabra ocus pocus' topic because you have a TikTok account and you want to become rich, don't waste your time.

Other topics/Themes accepted

  • Yoga Postures off course
  • Mantras
  • Spiritual Stories and real life events
  • Listening and responding to others
  • Love
  • Travel
  • Alien World
  • Environnement
  • Fashion
  • Yoga Styles
  • Boudhism
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Announcement such as yoga workshops, in residence, Hotel lodging, etc goes into a blog first then is posted in our newsletter
  • Reading and cinema

In short, we open doors for people with no hidden agenda and trust is something you earn... in time


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