Wish or reality?

We need an international yoga organisation that sticks, that yog's, that reaches the millions
Every day (or almost), the co-founder of this site repeats the following bellow showing so that for the future of mankind peace an harmony installs in every heart.
'Yes' to peace, 'Yes" to harmony and 'Yes' to working together so that the true meaning of Yoga emerges to make human beings kind and compassionate.

Please, if your aspire to a better world, do not search anymore where you can dedicate your wellness thoughts and actions, I emplore to continue your mission to sahre the yoga knowledge and remember there are students out there who are seaching for you. Yet, if you keep bouncing back and forth here and there, they will not find you. They need you. Please be a participant and make the Yoga word meaning what it is meant for: union, yoke, so that we can work together to make this world shine. Please comfort the victims so that we can all shine under the same sun in peace and harmony... everywhere.

Then the meditation went again to add this personal note


I have dedicated more than ten years of my life to using information technology to bring humans from different segments of society together. My goal: to help people bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual in order to reach new heights, and to communicate better with each other. Today, it is obvious that the world has changed and that we will not go back any time soon. The big corporations see this and communicate it to us. So that we, sometimes isolated, observe and become actors in this global phenomenon. We can't achieve something new if we aren't willing to do something we've never done before...and that translates into reaching out to others. Discovering that it is possible to bridge the virtual and the physical and using this new method of thinking is a game changer. Emerging countries have understood this. Communications between us weren't this smooth before. For example, think about how today you buy groceries, shop for furniture, use public transportation, or look for a job.

The technologists who, in a given ecosystem, used these communication methods at the very beginning of the age of computerization were able to capture most of the digital capital.

Just like me, you have noticed that it is very difficult for a second runner to get pole position. This is true on both the physical and virtual sides. The last are no longer the first. It’s a sad observation and it hurts. From now on, every time a weaker person tries to cross the bridge from the physical to the virtual, we experience the same pain unless we extend our hand and work together... in the same direction.


I want to be taken seriously

I need to live a 360 degree yoga experience. Not saying one thing and doing something else


In September 2023, the co-creator Daniel from Yoga Partout was offered to join the European Union of Yoga Organizations. !!Here is the European Union of Yoga constitution
If you don't see the charter, download it here


If you do not see the charter above, please copy and paste the following

copy paste to get the charter of the European Yoga Union

After the invite

In August, a conversation with the past president Swami Matraiyananda was made. Then, Daniel, your humble co-creator, got in the WhatsApp group with a txt msg giving him access to the European Registry. Daniel did not think much until he got time to review the info and concluted it was legitimate. Yet, one step further was needed. His communication to Matreyananda was something like this:

Hello, namaste Swami Matreyananda,
This is Daniel getting back to you in regards to your invite.
First, let me thank you for the invite that I immediately accepted. It helps me making sense about my yoga which is slowly going toward making interviews in English. This opens a whole new portal of possibilities for me as I just co-founded a non-profit organisation of my onw, named YogaPartout-Satoshi.Yoga. It opens up the possibility to have you on my podcast as I would like to interview you and the new president. The world of yoga needs to know about the massive contribution you made to the promotion of health and welfare. You visited so many countries, meeting so many yoga centers, in English, in Spanish, in French and many other languages and cultures. Please make sure to add my name to your official registry as I would like to invite you to become a member of this non profit I launched in may 2023 and we need to interconnect as many yoga spaces/centers as we can. I have the perfect technology to bring up to the general public these yoga spaces you maintain which, incidently, need the integration that many including myself observed. Would you be willing to recommend me someone who is willing to represent the European Union of Yoga Organisations? Their is a wallet implication involed as you could expect, the work to unify your web spaces into one harmonious and homogeneous entity is a massive endeavour and I know I can do it.

Here is my whatapp QR code to reach me to further discuss how we can all benefit the integration I propose.

Are you the person to whom I should address myself?

In french

Bonjour, Namaste Swami Matreyananda,
C'est Daniel qui vous répond au sujet de votre invitation.
Tout d’abord, permettez-moi de vous remercier pour l’invitation que j’ai immédiatement acceptée. Cela m'aide à « donner du sens » à mon yoga qui s'oriente petit à petit vers la réalisation d'interviews en anglais. Cela m'ouvre un tout nouveau portail de possibilités puisque je viens de co-fonder une de mes organisations à but non lucratif, nommée YogaPartout-Satoshi.Yoga. Cela ouvre la possibilité de vous avoir sur mon podcast car j'aimerais vous interviewer ainsi que le nouveau président. Le monde du yoga a besoin de connaître votre contribution massive à la promotion de la santé et du bien-être. Vous avez visité tant de pays, rencontré tant de centres de yoga, en anglais, en espagnol, en français et dans bien d'autres langues et cultures. Assurez-vous d'ajouter mon nom à votre registre officiel car je voudrais vous inviter à devenir membre de cette organisation à but non lucratif que j'ai lancée en mai 2023 et nous devons interconnecter autant d'espaces/centres de yoga que possible. Je dispose de la technologie parfaite pour faire connaître au grand public ces espaces de yoga que vous entretenez et qui, d'ailleurs, ont besoin de l'intégration que beaucoup, moi y compris, ont constatée. Seriez-vous prêt à me recommander quelqu'un disposé à représenter l'Union européenne des organisations de yoga ? Comme on peut s'y attendre, le travail pour unifier vos espaces Web en une entité harmonieuse et homogène est un effort colossal et je sais que je peux le faire.

Voici mon code QR Whatapp pour me contacter afin de discuter davantage de la manière dont nous pouvons tous bénéficier de l'intégration que je propose.

Êtes-vous la personne à qui je dois m'adresser ?

In Italian

Ciao, namaste Swami Matreyananda,
Sono Daniel che ti risponde riguardo al tuo invito.
Innanzitutto vorrei ringraziarvi per l'invito che ho subito accettato. Mi aiuta a "dare un senso" al mio yoga che sta lentamente andando verso la realizzazione di interviste in inglese. Questo apre per me un portale di possibilità completamente nuovo poiché ho appena co-fondato una mia organizzazione no-profit, chiamata YogaPartout-Satoshi.Yoga. Si apre la possibilità di averti nel mio podcast perché vorrei intervistare te e il nuovo presidente. Il mondo dello yoga ha bisogno di conoscere l’enorme contributo che hai dato alla promozione della salute e del benessere. Hai visitato tanti paesi, incontrato tanti centri yoga, in inglese, in spagnolo, in francese e tante altre lingue e culture. Assicurati di aggiungere il mio nome al tuo registro ufficiale poiché vorrei invitarti a diventare un membro di questa organizzazione no profit che ho lanciato nel maggio 2023 e dobbiamo interconnettere quanti più spazi/centri yoga possibile. Ho la tecnologia perfetta per portare al grande pubblico questi spazi yoga che mantieni e che, per inciso, necessitano dell'integrazione che molti, me compreso, hanno osservato. Saresti disposto a consigliarmi qualcuno disposto a rappresentare l'Unione Europea delle Organizzazioni Yoga? La loro è un'implicazione del portafoglio coinvolta come ci si potrebbe aspettare, il lavoro per unificare i vostri spazi web in un'entità armoniosa e omogenea è uno sforzo enorme e so di poterlo fare.

Ecco il mio codice QR whatapp per contattarmi per discutere ulteriormente come possiamo tutti trarre vantaggio dall'integrazione che propongo.

Sei tu la persona a cui dovrei rivolgermi?

Please reply

Than, after receiving a quick answer saying that he did not accept to come to my microphone, there was a "radio silence".

Here is for you to tell me when your available

Tell me your prefered date and time here bellow

An action like Michaealangelo chapel sixteen portrait speaks for itself is sent


Calling all members or anyone who may know a little more about the European Union of Yoga Organisations, please contact us. Here is Daniel's : WhatsApp QR code
You are therefore invited to speak up, say what you have to say, what is needed to express with love and compassion. Write for an invite

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