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What is a DAO

Here are some of Satoshi.Yoga objectives

  • We want everyone to vote on the major decisions
  • Our Decentralized Autonomous Organisation is in the making


Certainly! Here is a translated version of the text with a focus on emphasizing the desire for government acceptance of this description:

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an entity that sets a mission and operates through a set of smart contracts. These smart contracts establish and provide governance rules for the organization, ensuring they are transparent and immutable due to being recorded on a blockchain network. This network is a technology for storing and transmitting information that is transparent, secure, and operates without a central control authority.

The transparency and immutability offered by blockchain make DAO governance clear and reliable, which is crucial for trust and accountability. Some liken a DAO to an association, suggesting that it is essentially an association enabled by blockchain technology.

It is important that this description of DAOs be recognized and accepted by governments, as such recognition would pave the way for broader implementation and regulatory clarity. The acceptance by government entities would validate the legitimacy of DAOs, potentially leading to more widespread adoption and integration into existing legal and economic frameworks. This alignment could foster innovation and trust in decentralized governance structures, benefiting society by promoting more inclusive and efficient organizational models.

-Source Wikipedia (FR) with an additional note about our wish to have this decentralization concept accepted by governments.

Why is this (Decentralized Model so important for our community

This decentralization model enables a percentage of Satoshi.Yoga's asset management to be made public on cloud information storage. For example, if users, clients, and partners of YogaPartout want to ensure that the content they publish remains their property, this technology guarantees the authenticity of the generated content beyond any doubt.

Daniel Gauthier will offer membership to this blockchain space, BlockChain ToshiYog, which is set to be launched in an open and shared mode on Satoshi.Yoga's chosen platform. This platform, which will officially launch our 'node' in the first quarter of 2023, leverages the decentralized application capabilities of blockchain technology.

Initially developed by Daniel Larimer in 2018 and built on the Ethereum space, this system utilizes smart contracts and involves collaboration with numerous web developers. This approach ensures that the content remains authentic and verifiable, providing users with unparalleled security and control over their data.

The use of blockchain technology in this context not only secures content ownership but also offers transparency and reliability, which are essential in today's digital landscape. By incorporating these advanced technologies such as the Ethereum (FR). Satoshi.Yoga continues to innovate and provide its community with trustworthy solutions for managing and verifying their digital content.

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Quality Control

critères communs

To prevent disasters such as the bankruptcy observed with FTX in November 2022, organizations implement evaluation systems commonly known as Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) (FR). These assurance evaluation systems test the extent to which an information technology product, based on common reliability criterias (FR), can be deemed compliant. Any organization meeting these EAL criteria receives a rating from one to seven, depending on its application. For instance, a technological solution of a military nature must have a rating between four and seven, with seven being the highest possible score.



On Tuesday, October 25, 2022, Daniel Gauthier, the co-founder and sole proprietor of YogaPartout & Satoshi.Yoga, communicated the following proposal to the registered members.

Wishing you the best


New Terms of Use for the YogaPartout Community (Proposal)

New Model of Governance
Dear Members of YogaPartout, The time has come to announce that the ownership model of YogaPartout will soon change. Currently, I am the sole administrator/owner of YogaPartout. The proposal to change the economic model of the YogaPartout community—and also that of Satoshi.Yoga—is on the table. In summary, the idea is to hand over the reins to you, so you can become the owners. Please send your comments, suggestions, and indicate if you are interested in joining me to take over and ensure that instead of me being engaged as a contractor offering you services, others can take the lead. After studying and analyzing the options for making this transition, I conclude that using Blockchain technology is the most viable option. As I share this news with you, the concept of creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) has been chosen as the solution. Please complete this multifunctional form to submit your proposals and suggestions. It is important to know your thoughts and to form a committee of at least five people, which seems like a fair and considerate action. This will be a temporary ad hoc group until the ToshiYoga DAO organization via https://satoshi.yoga becomes operational and connected to the blockchain. Thank you for your trust. God Speed

What is a DAO

A decentralized autonomous organization DAO, sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization constructed by rules encoded as a computer program that is often transparent, controlled by the organization's members and not influenced by a central government. In general terms, DAOs are member-owned communities without centralized leadership. A DAO's financial transaction records and program rules are maintained on a blockchain. The precise legal status of this type of business organization is unclear.

A well-known example, intended for venture capital funding, was The DAO, which amassed 3.6 million ether (ETH)—Ethereum's mining reward—then worth more than US$70 million in May 2016, and was hacked and drained of US$50 million in cryptocurrency weeks later. The hack was reversed in the following weeks, and the money restored, via a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. Most Ethereum miners and clients switched to the new fork while the original chain became Ethereum Classic.

-Source Wikipedia

Why is the DAO model important

This autonomous decentralized model of conducting conversations and exchanges over the internet allows YogaPartout to scale up toward the public exchange space. Per example, a producer of content has the possibilty to prove the ownership of her/his content. In short, a 'Decentralized Autonomous Organisation' will make it possible for content producer to remain proprietor of their content, whether it is a video, audio or text content... forever. As we all know, the problem of being recognised as the owner of any content on the internet is a gigantic problem. The DAO technology solves this problem. Daniel Gauthier will offer via the BlockChain ToshiYog token in construction at the moment, a way to be ready and up to date with the Web 3.0 world that is unfolding rapidly. We expect and target the launch of this new token using the EOS.IO technology to take place (at the moment of writing this announcement on october 25 2022) in the first quarter of 2023. We are constructing our smart contract created in 2018 by many web developpers and owned by Daniel Larimer which sits on the Ethereum.

Insurance - Security

To avoid disasters, such as a bankruptcy like the one observed in November 2022 at FTX, organizations adopt an evaluation systems commonly called Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL). That insurance evaluation system tests the level to which an information technology product, with common reliability criteria, can be recognized as compliant. So, any organization that meets these EAL criteria gets a rating from one to seven, depending on its use. For example, a technological solution of a military nature, the product must have a code between four and seven, seven being the highest score.


On Tuesday October 25 2022, the co-founder of YogaPartout Daniel Gauthier, currently the sole proprietor of this ecosystem community communicated to all members of YogaPartout the following proposition.

New terms of services the the yogapartout community (proposal)

Message sent via the YogaPartout info letter by Daniel

 Daniel's message sent on october 25th 2022

Dear member of YogaPartout,
It's time to let you know that the YogaPartout ownership model will soon change. Currently, I am the sole admin/owner of YogaPartout. The time has come to change the economic model of the YogaPartout community - and also that of Satoshi.Yoga currently in construction. The idea is to give you the keys to the operation so that you really become the owner. Please send your comments, suggestions and if the idea of ​​joining me so that you can take over ownership of your content. Instead of hiring me as a contractor who offers you my services, whoever will drive this smart community will be obligated to continue to respect your role and contribution.

The study and analysis of the options to make this transition lead me to conclude that the use of the Blockchain is the most viable one. At the time of communicating this news to you, the concept of creating a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is the chosen solution.

Please, to announce your proposals, suggestions. To know what you think and to form a committee of at least five people seems to me a fair and benevolent action. This is to form a temporary ad hoc group until the DAO Toshi Yog organization can be up/running and 'plugged in' to the blockchain by the first quarter of 2023.

- Daniel

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Thank you for your trust - God Speed
Daniel Gauthier


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