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This page is meant to accommodate English speaking users while we're making ourselves a beauty via:

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There are three registration levels on this site.
At the moment, all registration processes are handled in French. We beleive that the english services yogapartout (i.e. via the new domain name we acquired Satoshi.Yoga magazine were publish in eight languages will take care of the needs for a multi-lingual space. In the meantime, here are the three registration levels explained:

Choose one to registration system to begin

Level 1 - Satoshi.Yoga registration system to join a group

Is only available by invitation. Write us why you want to join our community.

that is owned by Daniel Gauthier and soon given to the Yoga Followers he crossed over his life. This community web site is evolving, adapting, ever changing... like a "Modelling Clay". Some will say we are agile and they will be right. Others will say that it is proprietary and they will also be right. This web site has all the same functionalities than those "huge professional commercial sites" except that we look and talk exclusively about yoga.

 Satoshi.Yoga is a multi-level ecosystem. We build layers over layers

By "multi-level ecosystem" we mean: There are different info letters you can receive. There are several groups you can join.

You will be required to authenticate your registration. If you do not receive an email from Feedblitz, the agregator we use to be conform to the anti-spam laws, check your sub-directories as it is possible you received it and the email went in your undesirable folder. For more information see our article about this subject where our VCard resides.

Choose the "Je suis mon propre professeur" and we will connect you with a group that suits you. It is a manual process and to help us help you, please take a moment to also complete the multi-functionnal form so that can understand what are your long term aspirations.

Level 2 - InfoLetter - General aka 2 - Info

Level 3 - Multi-functionnal form

This form will allow us to get to know you a little more. Per example, what is your name, your phone number, your mailing address as we send printed samples of what we do. It is powerfull, it goes along with our vision to be able to have a personal voice (and image if we want to) telephone conversation, no matter where you are located in the world. We love talking :-)

Please tell us on this form what brought you to us.

Level 3 -Multi-functional form aka 3 - Contact