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Important announcement - Official launch of this web site is set for February 2024

This registration page is being translated and some components are in French.
Per example the shopping cart for International registration is in French... even if this page is in English.

This regular translation gives you access to

  • Creation of your own space (We're a Wiki-Groupware) using tiki.org technology providing you participate in the DAO meet ups regularly. Your personal page includes a notepad and hyperlink bookmark functionality
  • Access to the calendar (we do that for you)
  • One info letter via our channels. Ask for the list
  • Access and invites to all important meet ups
  • One to one consultations
  • Faster ticket resolution services
  • ... and all the free usual services any decent community manager can give

Your registration (officially paid, confirmed) does not give you access to

  • PDF placement - we do that for you
  • Creating your space on our server - That is for the DAO members who participate. Please complete this multifunctional form to ask any questions you may have

Floating banners


Our banner circulation service is ready to roll out. We were thinking about you so that we can invite you.
Please complete this multifunctional form to ask any questions you may have

On the French side, the info is up to datecette page

Avantages & benefits

Access and show your events on our calendar - Receive invitations before every one else - Keep your SEO up to date such as

  • Information
  • Sharing

I register by credit card

Note that this shopping cart experience is in French

Semi annual contribution of 27 € - 40 CA (approximatively, depending on the exchange rate Your access to your interactive account has expired?

PayPal - Interac - Cheque

If you live in Canada, we accept bank transfers, namely Interac.
As such, where ever you live in the world you can also use PayPal and SquareUp to make your donation

Contacts - Info

Here is our French language price list (meaning, it hasn't been translated yet, you will be sent on the french side: YogaPartout to check us out

Write to

yogapartout -at- satoshi.yoga

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